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The desire for a larger clitoris and clitoris enlargement.

By Jasmin's Puffy Pussy

August 30, 2022

Many women want to enlarge their clitorises as we have come to know due to all the feedback we receive. I guess size envy for both genders holds when it comes to the erectile organ. Some research has been done which indicates that women with slightly more uncovered clitorises can have more orgasms.

However an uncovered clitoris is not the same as the size of the clitoris, it simply means that more of the clitoris is not covered up by the skin of the hood allowing more friction to occur during penetration. Women may opt to have their hoods reduced to expose more of their clitoris with the intent to help them reach or increase the frequency of orgasms.

If you wish to try to enlarge the clitoris, it may be hard to achieve, however, through vacuum pumping you can expand the size of the clitoris through swelling temporarily. When we talk about the clitoris, we are talking about an erectile organ, which is not a muscle. In addition, like the male, the female has the same structures, which limit the development of the organ. Erectile tissue is cross-sectioned at an angle, which makes it very strong to maintain its shape since it goes under pressure when an erection occurs in men and women.

Vacuum pumping the clitoris will cause it to swell and the tissues will be fully expanded. However, this does not mean it has been enlarged, it only means you have reached full erection and swelling of the clitoris. Over time, you might start noticing that it becomes larger each time you vacuum pump. This may be because you are getting used to applying more pressure causing tissues to expand further. This is where the benefits truly count since it exposes more of the clitoris to the open allowing for more friction during intercourse.

If the clitoris were made purely of soft tissues like the nipples, the size increase would be quite amazing and any woman who wanted to enlarge her clitoris would be able to rival men in size. However, it is not soft tissue, so you have to accept only a certain amount of development. If you wish to continue with further development of the clitoris, then you would have to use male hormones for the body to react and cause the clitoris to grow in size.

Women who are bodybuilders and take steroids will see that their clitorises increase in size. When high levels of male hormones are introduced to the female body, the result is the development of the clitoris. So there are women out there with larger clitorises, some natural which occurred during puberty, others using some method to achieve it.

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