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Subscribe with Cryptocurrency

Simple, anonymous and full access in 24 hours.

Step 1

Select the cryptocurrency option below which is best for you. Copy the payment address which is where you will make the deposit.

Step 2

Make a payment by transfering the subscription amount to our address. Example $19.99/month, $59.99/6 months, $99.99/year.

Step 3

Once you have sent us a payment via cryptocurrency, fill the form below to activate your subscription.

Make a deposit to one of our payment address.


Payment address:


Payment address:


Payment address:


Payment address:


Payment address:


Payment address:


Payment address:


Payment address:


Payment address:

Send us your payment notification

Once you have made a payment, simply fill out this form so we can activate your subscription.

You can find this in your wallet under sent payments or in your transaction receipt if you purchased cryptocurrency. If not, will look for your payment.
Please let us know what username and password you would like to have for us to setup your account. If left in blank, we will use a random combination to setup your account.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find my transaction code?
Most cryptocurrency wallets allow you to see the transaction code of an outgoing payment. Just click on the outgoing transaction and it should give you additional information.
How long will it take to activate my subscription?
As soon as we receive notification, we process your subscription. It can take a few hours or up to 24 hours in some cases.
What amount should I pay?

When you pay by cryptocurrency, simply calculate the days exchange rate for the currency which you want to use to pay for your subscription.

  • Monthly $19.99 usd
  • 6 Months $59.99 usd
  • 1 year $99.99 usd

When we see that amount, we know which plan to activate, or you can simply mention the plan you wanted.

Do you accept other currencies not listed here?

Yes we do, if you want to send payment using a different cryptocurrency. Simply contact us with the type of cryptocurrency you wish to use and we can pass you a payment address.

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