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Loving Pussy Pumping
So what makes a girl love pussy pumping and why men get all excited in seeing their partner pumping up their pussies!

I pump my clit at work. I love to pump my clit at work when everyone is around, but they don't have a clue about what I am doing. My clit is over 1" long nearly all the time. I pump 5-6 times a week for 20-30 minutes each time.
I sometimes pump in the car when driving to work or on trips. I love having a large clit, and my husband loves to "suck" my swollen clit until I get off. He can "jack me off" to orgasm by rubbing the skin up and down the shaft of my large clit.
- Janet G.

I'm Elizabeth age 48 have been female pumping my clit & nipples for about two years now ever since I met Tom. I always had a big clit and masturbated a lot but I kept it to myself because I always thought it was excessive and a bit weird. Once I met tom and he found out about my clit and masturbation habits that all changed, he got me a fantastic pump and wants me to do it for him several times a day and can never get enough ! Neither can I, my clit is enormously enlarged and stays like that most of the time. I love the feeling of having my  huge penis like clit sticking way out all the time now it even has a head on it and I can get it to more than 2" when i'm fully erect!
Love this site and love to pump & play with my huge clit every chance I get, even at work, I want to see how much bigger it can get.
- Elizabeth & Tom

This site is a treasure! I'm fairly private in my sexual activities, and I had no idea that other women were also into pumping their clit. I started when I found my BF's penis pump; just wanted to experience the sensation of the vacuum pressure. Before I started I had a huge clit anyway (about 2 inches), and now after a few months my clit is 3 inches erect.
The penis pump was too wide to really play around with much, so I searched for what I might use. Let me tell you some 1 inch diameter clear flexible plastic tubing has become a favorite play toy. It's long enough that I simply position over my clit (I don't like including the hood as it inhibits the length I can suck my clit to) and I begin sucking the other end of the tube, using my tongue across the end to hold pressure. I can lay back and suck myself off like this for ages, gently reducing pressure, increasing, and feels soooo good when I quickly alternate, sucking it up and letting it retreat, and sucking it up....oh yeah! Bliss...and multiple orgasms!
Of course you've got a longer cleaning job to keep a long tube sterile, but I think it's worth it.
My BF loves the size of my clit, he's so turned on that he has a cocklet to suck and pull! At this length it’s easy to pull myself off with my fingers which is nice and handy when out and about. I usually duck into a rest room, off with the panties, and jerk off...loads of cum, and its totally awesome watching my clit lurch, pulse and pump all by itself when I cum! A quick wipe of my inner thighs, panties still clean, and out into the street again like an innocent virgin ha!
Thanks to all here who have shared their stories and hints and photos, you've all inspired me, and of course I don't feel so alone in my clit sucking and pumping pleasures.
I'll submit some pics as soon as I get my hands on a camera. Gives my BF an instant roaring erection when he sees my stiff clit poking way out from my lips! Still doesn't quite feel like I've reached the longest it can go, but 3 inches is plenty for me to enjoy at the moment.
My only regret...I wish I'd have thought of this when I was a teen and had more time to play ;)
- Souxi

You have to love experimenting with your body, I am BI-curious so I am one for experimenting. A while back I bought a pussy pump to spice up things with my boyfriend. When we done it for the first time, he was all excited for what he was seeing. Hands down he loves when I pump my pussy.
I also pump my pussy when I get together with my girlfriend from many years, she simply loves to like my pussy when its all pumped it. It gets her turned on seeing it large. And I love all the licking I get from her, she is a hottie, just imagine two twenty something women licking each other’s pumped pussies! Now that is a sight to remember.
- Nicole C.

I've been reading all these wonderful stories of all your orgasms and your pretty enlarged clitoris. As a guy I get very turned on when I read about all your enlarged clitoris, kind of "mouth watering". This is one of my BEST sites. Please keep it "coming". I have actually fantasized about sucking on one of your maxi clitoris. Keep on enlarging them
- Love Edy Chin.

I was born with a very big clit. My parents discussed to have doctor make a sort of clit surgery, i.e. to cut it down to half its size. Lucky for me they couldn’t afford it.
As teenager my clit was 1, 5 inches. I tried to avoid my daily very distracting clit erections at school by wearing no knickers. When in college we had a new biology teacher. She was very nice to me and I told her about my problems.
First she didn’t believe me but invited me to her home for a judgment. One afternoon I visited her and we had some wine and I turned a bit drunk and allowed her to kiss me and also to caress my breasts. I felt so comfortable and safe when exposing my clit for her inspection. She started to lick and suck it and I was so erected.
She was good and I couldn’t stop myself from coming in her mouth. She then demonstrated her love toy, a pumping device for hidden use. She arranged it on her huge clit and when she orgasm, she gushed a lot of sticky, very odd milky liquid on a bath towel.
I now use a similar pump twice a day and my clit is almost 2,5 inches long when fully erected. My girlfriend calls it her "mini-dick"!
- Gabriela O.

I was invited to a 2-days boring seminar. At first days common dinner I was introduced to a younger and very nice colleague named Miriam. We had too much wine during dinner and ended the evening with a nightcap in her room, where she showed me her pumping devices. She had pumped both labia and clit daily for years.
I went curious and after some more drinks and promising not to tell, she exposed her swollen labia’s and a very enlarged clit to me. I was so fascinated and asked her pump my clit too. She did for 2 minutes and it was great. After Miriam released the device, I couldn’t stop having a very embarrassing, exceptional strong orgasm in front of her.
I felt so ashamed, but she comforted me and we agreed upon seeing each other briefly. Miriam used pump to suckle clit last day of seminar and said she had two great orgasms soaking her panties without anyone noticed. We lost contact but Ill never forget that evening when Miriam introduced me to pumping.
- Elizabeth

I love pumps....I love pumping my nipple and my clit to the extreme...my pussy gets so wet seeing my nipples get so long and my clit big enough to stroke...like I have a cock...I play with myself anywhere I can...I especially like to stroke my clit in the ladies room...
- Maggie

OMG! Said my husband when he came home and discovered that I had bought a pussy pump. Apparently he already know what it was for and had imagined that one day I would pump up my pussy. Anyway, I decided that I wanted to pump my pussy that evening, so we both got comfortable and started to pump it up. My husband was all aroused, he had one of the strongest erections I had noticed in a long time.
The feeling of pumping my pussy was amazing, when you start pumping it, it feels strange, but then when you are really sucking it into the dome, it does feel like a lot of pressure. We could see that my pussy was just getting all sucked into the dome. We were both amazed at it, I maintained the pressure for a while. Then we decided to remove it and my pussy had gotten a bit large, not much. I guess we needed to leave it more time on.
Nevertheless, my husbands erection was so hard and I was all wet and horny also, I must say when he penetrated me, it felt really good. It was an orgasm I was searching for the past 6 months (don’t tell my husband). But I truly did enjoy it, it was a lot of fun!
- Irene P.

I introduced my wife to pumping because I have been penis pumping for three years and she finally agreed. Now we are pumping buddies and we pump together every morning. I connect her to my pump and use a much lower pressure.
She is so wet when she wakes and can't wait until we get hooked up. We pump for and hour and then I hook up her clit tube so she can wear it while doing her normal things. We are having a ball
- Gary S.

I began pumping my clit and nipples after being introduced to this site a year ago. I love it! I mainly pump for pleasure but I have noticed a small enlargement in both clit and nipples. I've also begun pumping my anus. This looks (when you're finished) and feels amazing! During and after pumping. I'm a forever faithful pumper!
- Fntzma.

I stumbled across your web site by accident...it is truly amazing! My name is Lorrie and I’m 43 yrs old...live in California. I knew from a very young age I had a large clitoris. I came across one the male pumps in an adult video store when I was in my early 20's. I thought it would be fun to try on my large clitoris...it was about 1.5" when erected...before I even started pumping.
Now, after almost 20 yrs of pumping...4x each week (I never knew it had become so popular!)My clitoris is almost 2.5" long when fully erect...and 1.75" when not erect. I love to play with it...and I really freak out my boyfriends...rubbing my 2.5" clit next to male’s penis is a sensation that is absolutely phenomenal.
- Lorrie

Hi, my husband discovered your site and we have both been very turned on by it! There was a video of a girl recently on the web "pushing” her cervix out and we would like to know if this is attainable through pumping?
My husband loves playing with my cervix, occasionally getting a finger in! Anyone like to give us advice? Or experiences?
- Jenny

I love pumping my clit. The first time I pumped my clit, I was amazed at how strong the orgasm was! Now, the first thing I do every morning is attach the pump and get the kids ready for school. It is like one wonderfully long tongue job.
Now, when my mate and I have sex, part of our fun is to "jack” each other off as our clits are more then 2 inches long when aroused! When she takes my aroused and extended clit in her mouth, I can't stop Cumming.
- Maude

I was introduced to your web site by a girlfriend of mine.  She was telling me all about it and I got interested.
One Friday night we decided to check out the web site together.  I was amazed at the things that I saw and read on the site.  Actually, I became aroused.  My girlfriend could see that I was getting pretty excited looking at the site.  Little did I know she had brought one of her pumps?
She showed me the pump and asked me if I was interested in trying it out.  I said sure.  I lay on the bed naked while she got ready to pump me.  Actually before she started, she rubbed my clit to really get me excited.  Which didn’t take too long since I knew what was in store for me. 
After she was done getting me ready, she placed the pump on my clit and started to pump. Boy was that the best feeling.  Feeling your clit being pumped up felt really good.  She left the pump on for about 10 minutes when she took it off I couldn’t believe how big my clit had looked.  Right away, she started to suck on my clit.  That was the best feeling after being pumped.  I came soooo hard after that.
We get together just about every Friday night for a clit pumping party.  I think my clit has grown at least 1 inch since we have started. 
I love your site...
- Annabelle

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