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Loving Breast Pumping
What benefits can we get out of breast pumping? Will the breasts increase in size? You would have pump up your breasts to see what breast pumping might do for you!

breast pump1aWomen loving breast pumping from all parts of the world.

Share your comments of what you like when you pump up your breasts and how it feels to you and your partner when your breasts expand in size, looking like you have large breasts.

So what term do you prefer to call breast pumping?

-Boob pumping
-Bosom pumping
-Pumping the girls
-Hooter pumping
-Pumping jugs
-Knocker pumping
-Mammary pumping
-Melon pumping
-Twin peak pumping
-Tit pumping

You take your pick, go with the term you like the most and start pumping up your breasts!

Pump up your breasts to a new size with each squeeze of the trigger, you will notice your breasts inflating like balloons!
- Jessica A.

Bigger hooters by vacuum pumping them! Who would have thought that could happen, well I am going to give it a try and see what happens.
- Adele O.

If I am a girl, boys would expect that I have breasts? But I do not have any, I am flat chested and it makes me feel really bad about how I look, hopefully I will gain something if I try pumping them!
- Tara L.

I love the attention my boyfriend gives me when he looks at my pretty breasts, I only wish they were slightly bigger. I am waiting for my breast pump to arrive, as soon as it gets here I will let you know how I am doing!
- Ursula J.

My hubby likes me to pump up my breasts, he says they look full perky just like when I was younger, it makes me feel good about myself.
- Edith H.

I love my rack, however it is a bit on the small side, I am going to pump them up and see if they increase in size!
- Elizabeth N.

Being honest, I do get jealous of women with big breasts, they seem to have it easier than us girls with small breasts. What I would give to get all the attention.
- Fiona R.

Oh yea! Breast pumping is the best hands down. It feels strange at the beginning when your breasts are getting sucked into the domes. It feels like someone is pulling them and stretching them very long. But after you get over that feeling it feels good and actually it gets you horny to see what you could have, even though you are starting out!
- Genevieve F.

My boyfriend gets a real good hard-on watching me pump up my breasts. As my breasts grow in size, I can feel that he gets more excited, then he penetrates me while I am pumping.
- Isabel I.

I wonder if I pump up my breasts daily, will I get them one cup size bigger? I am hoping so!
- Alice I.

I usually vacuum pump my breasts on a night out in town. When I get to my date and he sees my boobs fairly large, I know I have him under control!
- Francesca E.

I am into extreme breast pumping, I usually pump for about an hour and get my breasts swollen large. It gets men really turned on to see them!
- Jamie B.

Just looking at the photos on this site is getting me all turned on, I am going to try breast pumping and have a little fun with my bf!
- Reina S.

I have started pumping my right breasts, hopefully it will increase in size because its smaller than my left breasts. I want to have them both the same size so that I do not look like a freak when I am naked!
- Kimberly T.

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