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Loving Clitoris Pumping
Why do so many women love to pump up their clitoris? Do they want to give men a “little” competition down there? Or is it that it just makes it super sensitive and you can experience explosive orgasms.

clitoris pumping 1aWomen loving clit pumping from all parts of the world.

Share your comments of what you like when you pump up your clitoris and how it feels to you and your partner when your clit expands in size, looking like a tiny penis.

So what term do you prefer to call clit pumping?

-Little man in the boat pumping
-Sugar almond pumping
-Clitty pumping
-Rabbit pumping
-Love button pumping
-Pearl tongue pumping
-Little pea pumping
-girl’s cock pumping

You take your pick, go with the term you like the most and start pumping up your genitals!

So who says size does not matter when it comes to the clitoris? Some girls want it bigger also, just like men!
- Maira R.

It’s a joy to pump up my clitoris, it feels amazing when it gets sucked into the cylinder, like when someone sucks on it hard. It makes it feel good!
- Irene L.

I say bigger is better when it comes to the clitoris, that way they can find it and I can get more pleasure from it!
- Jacquelyn F.

I think having it a little bigger wouldn’t hurt and it might make it more sensitive when my boy is penetrating my pussy!
- Sabrina K.

I am trying to enlarge my clitoris, I have been pumping for about six months now and I have seen it get larger overall, it even feels like its starting to show more out of my pussy lips.
- Uma D.

I just love the idea of pumping up my clitoris, I went out and bought myself the professional pumping kit. I have always had a fascination to increase the size of it and have mini penis looking clitoris. I hope to achieve it one day, its sexy!
- Callie D.

It’s just a joy to pump up my clitty, it feels great after pumping and it makes my orgasms feel more amazing, like an outer body experience!
- Dana M.

I have not idea about this clit pumping that is going around, but just looking at the photos at female pumping and the videos, it has gotten me all horny to say the least!
- Candy A

I love touching my little clitty whenever I can and the mere thought of pumping it gets me or hot!
- Betsy I.

I want to pump my clit!
-  Darcie G.

My hubby and I interconnect his penis pump and my clitoris pump together, so we can watch as our genitals increase in size together, it feels great to watch him get all excited when he sees my clit growing and looking like a little wee wee.
- Gabriela J.

You have to just go out and try it, that is all I can say!
- Oprah C.

I have been pumping for years now, when I can to this site, I got excited and decided to give it a try, no regrets!
- Rachael G.

I wish I had found out about clit pumping a long time ago, life would have been more pleasurable!
- Glenda F.

I feel like I am dirty, but I vacuum pump my clitoris at work under my desk and leave the cylinder in place during the day. It feels good and plus I get a thrill out of the fact that I am doing it in a public place and no one knows what I am doing, yet I am getting pleasure from it!
- Bambi S.

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