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Loving Pussy Pumping
So what makes a girl love pussy pumping and why men get all excited in seeing their partner pumping up their pussies!

pussy pumping1aWomen loving pussy pumping from all parts of the world.

Share your comments of what you like when you pump up your pussy and how it feels to you and your partner when your pussy expands in size.

So what term do you prefer to call vagina pumping?

-Kitty pumping
-Punani pumping
-Vajayjay pumping
-Cooter pumping
-Cha Cha pumping
-Honey pot pumping
-Choochie pumping
-Muff pumping
-Hoo ha pumping
-Beaver pumping
-Box pumping
-Bits and pieces pumping
-yum yum pumping
-Poon pumping
-Lady business pumping
-Goodies pumping
-Na na pumping
-Lala pumping
-Cho cho pumping
-Sour puss pumping

You take your pick, go with the term you like the most and start pumping up your genitals!

Just look at how the pussy swells in size during the pumping stage! It feels so different when it is swollen, it pulsates and gets me all horny!
- Melissa P

I have tried to pump my pussy while taking a bath. It makes it easier and its a lot of fun how it feels under the water.
- Abigail S.

I have to admit, that the first time I saw a pumped pussy here, I was a bit shocked, at how large they can expand. Now I feel that its quite interesting and exciting to see them, I get turned on as a girl watching pussy pumping.
- Cadence K.

To me, pussy pumping has been a lifesaver to my sex life. When I use it, I pump the hell out of my cooter and all my juices start flowing, so by the time I finish, I am all wet and horny that I get off almost instantly!
- Macey C.

Gotta love pumping my junk and getting it huge like a donut!
- Trisha C.


It’s really addictive if I say so, just the sensation of it gets me horny.
- Andrea S.

I love to pump up my pussy to new dimensions, see how it swells and and gets all puff up like a huge pussy that is going explode and release all its furry over humankind.
- Caitlin K.

I always wondered what a swollen pussy looks like and I can say I have found my answer here at this site, its amazing!
- Eden S.

Man, my pussy feels all squishy like one of those squishy toys, soft and slimy, but that it feels really good when you touch it and you simply want to keep playing with it!
- Hailee A.

*screams* I LOOOOVE cooter pumping (I cant believe I even typed it)! I also love it when my hubby licks it after pumping! My Coochie gets all wet and makes funny noises!
- Angela Y.

I just love the feeling of having my pussy being sucked hard into the pussy pump, it feels amazing.
- Jeeis P.

When I first came to this site, I feel in love instantly with the idea of playing with my pussy and pumping it up. It looks like its a lot of pleasure and fun thing to do. So I ordered a pussy pump and when I got it, I had so much fun with it, it was simply unforgettable.
- Kacy D.

I have been pumping my pussy for some time now and it really gets my hubby turned on when he sees how big it gets and how it feels when I remove the pump. I also feel him better when he penetrates me after pumping for a while!
- Lacey F.

I like it "puffy" because it feels good and makes me feel sexy. Once its all pumped up, I like to put it in my boyfriends face so he can like the heck out of it!
- Jill N.

Once I told my hubby, “honey I blew up the kitty” he got all scared, then I showed him what kitty!
- Maggie L.

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