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Pre-sales Questions

Pricing Options

Female Pumping has in place various pricing options, making it accessible to take advantage of deep discounts for longer term memberships. Our lifetime memberships include year by year access or a lifetime of access to the site.

Current pricing options:
Monthly $29.95
Trimester (3 months access) $59.95
Semester (six month access) $99.95
Yearly (365 days access) $149.95
Lifetime $799.95

Trust & Secure payments

All payments are done securely and handled by reputable and established companies. We do not handle billing directly, we rely on third party processors to ensure the highest billing processing encryption. We use CCBill and Verotel to handle all our billing processing. You can learn more about these two companies by visiting their corresponding websites.

CCBill: http://ccbill.com
Verotel: http://verotel.com

Discrete Billing

Billing is done as discrete as possible, you will be charged discreetly as "CCBill" or “Verotel”. On your credit card or account statement there will be no reference to adult content or an adult website distinguishable. Your e-mail is only used for subscription information, never for spam. Your data will not be disclosed to anybody else or any third party company. Your credit card / check details are processed by a high-security system at CCBill or Verotel, we have no access to this information.

No mail or correspondence of any sort is sent to your home address?

This is a very important issues that many people feel they need to know in order to ensure their privacy. We never mail anything out to any of our customers home addresses. We want to ensure that every individual is protected and that their information is kept private at all times. You do not have to worry about us mailing anything to your home. We protect your privacy and that of any other subscriber.

Can I download movies and photos?

Yes, all active subscribers can download any movie they want to their computer. All movies are have a download link provided to them, so you can either watch them online 24/7 or download them to your computer to watch at any time or feed it through your home entertainment network and onto your TV. This makes it more enjoyable to watch anywhere in your home.

Do you offer discounts?

Its rare that we offer a discount, since we are operating at a very affordable price range and the costs associated with delivering content. However, you can join our newsletter (we only send out notices a few times a year) and keep yourself informed of when there may be a discount offered.

Signing Up!

What methods of payments do we accept?

Our site is setup to accept all major credit card payments through our billing providers. Besides accepting all major credit cards, you also have the option to pay through your bank account (checking or savings account (US)). We can also process subscriptions to be paid by telephone (US and certain European countries). Through our Verotel payment system, we can process European debit payments. If you require payment by check or money order as well as ACH or wire transfer, we can also accept them, particularly for yearly and lifetime subscriptions.

What will appear on my credit card statement once I sign up?

All subscription purchases will appear discretely as CCBill.com or Verotel along with a toll-free customer support phone number for any questions or concerns. On our sign-up page you will find the exact item descriptor that will appear on your statement prior to making the purchase for the particular credit card processor.

Will I be granted instant access?

When you subscribe online through our billing processor, you will be granted instant access if all has gone correctly and your payment went through correctly. If you are subscribing and paying by check, money order, it will take a few days to verify the payment, more so with check payments. For direct deposit or wire transfer, it will take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to process. These payments are usually done for yearly or lifetime memberships.

Is it safe and secure?

Yes, we have been working with our billing processors for many years and we have not had any problems with them. You can independently verify how our billing processors operate and what level of encryption they use to process your online payments by visiting their sites.

CCBill, LLC is the designated payment processor and access management provider for our site. They are based in Phoenix, Arizona, to get information about your membership status or make inquiries about your transaction, please contact them:

+1-888-906-0666 (U.S.)
+1-888-596-9279 (International)
E-mail address: consumersupport@ccbill.com

Verotel is the other designated payment processor and access management provider for our site. They are based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to get information about your membership status or make inquiries about your transaction, please contact them:

+1-877-872-9246 (U.S.)
+00-800-44229999 (European Union)
+31 20 4280788 (International)
E-mail address: support@verotel.com

For what reasons would the billing provider decline my payment?

There are various reasons why your payment may have been declined. Some issues are related to your bank or credit card issuer not allowing you to complete the transaction. On other instances, you may have already tried to subscribe too many times and erred on some of the information you submitted.

Some of the most frequent decline reasons are the following:

Incorrect Billing Information: You have entered the wrong or incorrect billing address for your credit card, you must enter it as it appears on your credit card statement.

Too Many Attempts: When you enter the information incorrectly on your card, you might get an error of too many attempts to subscribe for the day. You will have to wait out a period for the processors system to reset and allow you once again to attempt your subscription.

Invalid Card Number: When inputting your card number, do not place any spaces between the card numbers when entering them into the field. Also, be sure to input the correct CVV2 number (the last 3 numbers shown on the back side of your credit card) for it to process it correctly.

Stolen or Lost Card: The card you are using has been reported lost or stolen, if this is the case, contact your financial institution to verify if the card is active.

Service Not Available: Validation has been requested from your bank or financial institution and they have denied authorization for this purchase. Please contact your bank or financial institution for further information or to allow the transaction to go through.

Phone Verification Not Confirmed: Some credit card issuers are now calling you after you have made the purchase through an automated system. When you make a purchase and you receive a call, you need to follow the instructions in the call by pressing the correct button (option) to authorize the purchase.

Charge back: You have done a charge back to another online website and the billing processor blocked your credit card for future purchases due to fraud related issues. If this is the case, you can opt to use a different credit card or different payment option.

What is the refund policy for subscription purchases?

When a subscriber requests a termination of your membership, subscription fees are NOT refundable. Subscribers are liable for all charges incurred by them until termination of service. We cannot issue refunds since this is digital content and a user can download a lot of content in a few hours. All content viewed and accessed needs to be paid by the user, this is why we do not issue refunds. If you experience issues accessing the site, please report them to our customer service and they will resolve any issues. When you subscribe, you acknowledge that you a purchasing digital content and refunds are ineligible.

How long will it take for my transaction to appear on my bank statement?

When you subscribe and from the day you subscribe, you can expect it to take typically between 4 to 10 business days for the order to appear on your credit card statement. You will see a descriptor of “CCBill” or “Verotel” depending on the payment processor you selected when you subscribed.

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Discounts offered by 3 Months subscriptions and yearly memberships.
Our authorized sales agents are CCBill and Verotel, safe, secure billing.
If you have any questions, please contact us.