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Knowledge Base (Most common issues)
Please note if you do not find the answer here, do not hesitate to contact us.

Accessing The Site & Content

How do I log into my account?

When you subscribed to our site, you were either given the option to select a username and password or one was randomly selected for you. This username and password was also e-mailed to you. Once you have an active username and password, go to our site https://femalepumping.com and on the upper right hand portion, click on the link members login. You will be prompted with a login box. Enter your username and password exactly as it appears in your welcome email. Once entered you will be granted access to the site.

Alternatively, you can go directly to our members url by going to https://femalepumping.com/members. You will be instantly given a login box, enter your username and password and you will be granted access to the members area.

Log-in problems?

If you get a message "Authorization Required" when I try to log in and it does not grant you access to the site after multiple attempts, you might have entered something incorrectly. Please keep in mind that usernames and passwords are caSe seNsiTivE! And should be typed in exactly as they appear in your welcome e-mail. Using upper and lower case letters where you see them, once you do this, it should grant you access to the site.

Please note that:
user: "joHn" - password: "DoE"
is NOT the same as:
user: "john" - password: "doe"

Please review and type in the codes exactly as they were sent to you by e-mail when you signed up.

If you are using programs to surf the web anonymously, they may interfere with the site and may be blocking your access. Try navigating to the site using your regular web access and not a proxy server.

I forgot my username and password, how do I recover it?

If you cannot remember you username and password to access the site and did not keep the welcome e-mail. You can send a request to our customer support team to have your username and password e-mailed to you once again. Please submit a support ticket to have your login details sent out again. Remember to provide your name, payment processor used to subscribe and the e-mail you used when you subscribed. This information helps to verify your account and to have it e-mailed to you.

Can I change my username and password?

Subscribers cannot change their username, if you feel that you need to change your password. You can contact our customer support and send a request to have your password changed. Please provide them with your username and the billing processor you selected when you subscribed. Along with a desired selection for a new password to access the site. Keep in mind that passwords need to be at least 6 to 12 characters in length and should contain a combination of numbers and letters.

Do I need any special software to view movies online?

To view movies online, you will require the latest adobe flash plugin installed on your computer. Most computers have it already installed, if this is the case, you will not have to do anything to watch movies online. If you want to watch movies that you have downloaded, you will need to install a flash player on your pc or download a flash player plugin for your windows media player or other device software you have installed.

Can I download movies to watch directly from my PC?

Yes, this is a great benefit about having a subscription with us. Sometimes watching movies online, especially HDV movies can slow down if you do not have high speed internet. This is why all our movies have a download link, which you can use to download the movies to your computer or other devices. Once you download the movie, you can watch it whenever you want too.

How can I watch the movies on my TV?

Yes, there are some technical things you will need to understand in order to send the movie signal to your TV. We will explain the various methods you can use to watch the movies on your TV:

Method 1. Connect your TV using the computer monitor cable or HDMI if your computer video card supports its. Then select the TV as an extension monitor from your computer. Open your favorite browser in the TV and play the movie directly from the site.

Method 2. Download the movie to your computer and connect your TV using the computer monitor cable or HDMI if your computer video card supports its. Then select the TV as an extension monitor from your computer. Open the movie file using the adequate flash player and watch it directly on your TV.

Method 3. Use a digital device like apple tv or another type, share the movies on your network and view it on your TV.

I am having trouble viewing the content, what browser should I use?

Our site is designed to be compatible with almost all modern day browsers, most people should not have any issues viewing the site. If you are experiencing issues, we recommend that you download the latest browser, whether it be explorer, firefox, safari, chrome. Once downloaded and installed, you should be able to see the site correctly.

How do I view photos?

Simply go to the photos section of the site and any browser will allow you to access the photo galleries. You can select from standard viewing or high resolution photos. Please note that high resolution photos require high speed internet due to their size.

Start Pumping

Do you sell vacuum pumping equipment or where can I buy it?

Yes we do, we sell various vacuum pumping items that you can purchase to get you ready to start pumping. You can visit Female Pumping Shop to view the inventory we have. All the prices are discounted and about 30% lower than any other web competitor and about 80% discounted from retail. Making it a good option for men and women who want to enjoy vacuum pumping.

Can I interconnect multiple cylinders to one pump?

Yes, you can purchase a buddy connector or individual connectors. This would allow you to connect you clitoris cylinder to the nipples or any sort of combination that you require.

What is the best way to start pumping?

You can look over our pumping guides to get an idea about the pumping process and how it affects your body. Once you have an understanding, you can proceed to pump up different body parts.

Account Management

Why has my subscription failed to rebill?

There are several reasons why a subscription may fail to rebill on the set date. There may have been insufficient funds in your account or insufficient credit limit to allow it to rebill so our payment processor was not able to process it correctly. Perhaps the issuing bank or credit card company has declined the rebill attempt by our payment processor. Once your account has failed to rebill, it will be closed. To open it again, you will have to subscribe again with a new credit card or the same one if the issues have been resolved.

How do I cancel my subscription?

There are several ways to cancel your active subscription. The easiest and most convenient way to cancel your subscription is to go to the billing processor site that you selected when you subscribed. The process is automated and it will only take a moment to complete.

If you subscribed with CCBill. Go to : https://support.ccbill.com/

If you subscribed using Verotel. Got to: https://www.vtsup.com/en/subscription/search

If you wish to have it canceled manually by our staff, you will need to make the request though our customer support, please allow 72 hours for your cancellation to be processed manually.. Please make sure you tell us what billing provider you used when you subscribed and the e-mail you used. This allows us to locate your account and cancel it manually.

How do I re-activate my subscription?

The only way to re-activate your subscription is by subscribing once again. We do not have access to your billing information, only our billing processor has it up to the date it was canceled. Go to our subscription page and select a subscription option.

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