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“Come with me, Kiki,” and be quick about it.” “Yes, ma’am,” the shy nineteen-year-old Japanese girl replied softly. Melinda Clanton opened the door of her chauffeur-driven Lincoln and waited impatiently for the  Asian to climb inside. 

Abigail  |  Steamy Erotica

“Come with me, Kiki,” and be quick about it.” “Yes, ma’am,” the shy nineteen-year-old Japanese girl replied softly. Melinda Clanton opened the door of her chauffeur-driven Lincoln and waited impatiently for the  Asian to climb inside. 

Once on their way, Melinda scolded, “You seem to be preoccupied, dear, let’s not make it a habit.” “I’m sorry, ma’am,” Kiki replied, “I guess I’m just a little nervous, that’s all.” “Howard, stop the car!!!” she snapped to her driver. 

Once stopped Melinda turned to face Kiki and offered with cold fury, “If you don’t want to be part of my life get out right now, otherwise do as you’re told when you’re told!!!” Tears quickly welled up in the woman’s eyes as she replied haltingly, “I- I’m sorry Ms. 

Clanton, please don’t make me leave!!!” “I love you!!!” “Okay, Howard, you can drive on now,” Melinda ordered before turning her attention back to the sobbing Kiki. 

“Okay, child,” she said in a gentler voice, “I just want you to remember your place.” “Now get over here and let me hold you!” Kiki’s eyes brightened immediately when she realized her mistress was no longer angry with her! 

She quickly slid across the plush leather seat and climbed onto Melinda Clanton’s expansive lap. 

“That’s a good little girl,” Melinda soothed while opening up her blouse and offering one of her huge nipples to the now eager woman. 

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh,” she sighed, “now I remember why I keep you around.” “Now this is your last chance,” Melinda said while they stood outside the front door of the huge suburban mansion. 

“Once we go inside you will do as you’re told or you will be severely punished!” After taking a deep breath Kiki looked up into her mistress’s eyes and replied softly, “I’m ready to do your bidding.” “Good,” Melinda Clanton replied while ushering her charge into the large foyer. 

From the living room around the corner sighs of moans of sexual gratification filled the night air. 

Melinda led Kiki by the hand as the two of them wandered into what was already a sea of carnal pleasure. 

“Well,” Melinda said with a laugh, “I’m glad to see that everyone waited for me!!!” “Hurry up and join in the fun!” Vanna Danson offered with a sigh. 

“I’d get up to meet you, but as you can see I’m momentarily disposed!” And that was an understatement!!! 

At that very moment, Vanna was having her extremely hairy pussy licked to ecstasy by her cute little fuck toy!” “Oh don’t get up for me!” Melinda teased. 

“I think I can find a place to crash!” Melinda maneuvered her way across the crowded room to the only empty easy chair left to be had. 

She plopped her enormous ass down, and after making sure she was good and comfortable, hiked up her skirt and waited for little Kiki to take her place between her massive thighs. 

“That’s a good baby,” Melinda sighed as Kiki’s velvety tongue caressed her incredibly fat labia. 

“Be a dear and suck your mistress off!” Even though the little cunt could be a pain, Melinda knew that she had indeed stumbled onto a cunt lapper nonpareil when she found the homeless little urchin on a dirty back street on a trip to Tokyo! 

For the last three months, she had been training the little slut in the art of oral servitude and tonight was the night for her to join the other women as willing sexual pets for their “owners” pleasure! 

It was a very exclusive club in which  Kiki was about to become a full-fledged member. 

All of the mistresses were in their late forties or fifties with the major requirement being that they be more than a little on the hefty side! 

Indeed all of the mistresses in attendance tonight had huge asses and tits and a burning desire to be sucked to completion by cute little nineteen-year-old girls! 

“God I love getting sucked,” one of the mistresses sighed. 

“M-me too!” another one stammered as her little pet licked her overripe clitoris. 

Melinda had long since opened up the front of her blouse and began sucking her nipple while little Kiki nibbled at her bulging vagina! 

When finally one of the mistresses groaned loudly as an orgasm rolled through her hairy twat it seemed to set off a chain reaction that swept through the room until every mistress was satiated! 

“Oh myyyyyyyy!!!” Breanna sighed while caressing the cheek of her little pet. 

“I just can’t get enough of Sophie’s hot mouth on my pussy!!!” “You can’t get enough of anybody’s mouth eating your pussy!” Janet retorted. 

“Well maybe not,” Breanna replied, “but I don’t remember seeing you turning down a good suck job!!!” Janet was about to shoot back another zinger when Melinda interrupted, “Ladies, please, tonight’s special in that my new pet is up for her formal initiation.” “Do you think she’s up to it???” Sophie asked. 

“I’m sure of it,” Melinda replied. 

“Well then,” Veronica offered from the far end of the room, “let’s do it!!!” A nervous sexual tension quickly filled the room while Melinda led little Kiki over to the shaving table. 

The tiny oriental easily hopped up onto the leather padded top, and as she was instructed to do, calmly lay back with her legs spread wide apart. 

The other mistresses moved closer in to get a better view while Melinda squirted a generous shot of warm oil onto Kiki’s jet-black vee. 

“I just love seeing their little vaginas exposed,” Veronica sighed while cupping the breasts of her cute little pet. 

“Mmmmmm, me too,” Janet replied softly, “Especially if she has a big clit!” Melinda used her fingers to massage the oil into the bushy little hair, which immediately resulted in beads of sweat breaking out on Kiki’s forehead. 

The little Asian moaned deeply whenever Melinda’s finger brushed against her hard little clit and several mistresses offered hard nipples to their pets while they watched in fascination as Melinda prepared Kiki’s bush for the straight razor! 

“I think we’re about ready,” Melinda said softly, “now you just relax, dear, it will be all over in a few minutes.” With razor in hand, Melinda carefully began scraping away every last vestige of pubic hair on Kiki’s cute little pussy! 

“My god!” Veronica moaned. 

“Her lips are pumped!!!” Kiki’s breathing was now becoming quite labored as her mistress slowly but surely cleaned her pussy clean as a whistle! 

“How does it feel???” Melinda asked gently. 

“I-it feels cold,” the woman replied. 

“How does it look?!?” “Just fabulous!!!” Melinda replied while wiping the bulging labia with a soft damp rag. 

“Do you know what comes next?!?” Kiki closed her eyes tightly and took another deep breath before replying, “You’re going to fuck me with a strap-on, right!?!” “Mmmmmm, close,” Melinda answered in a hushed tone, “you are going to get fucked with a strap on, it’s just that I won’t be wearing it.” A stab of fear raced through the little Asian as she opened her eyes and asked fearfully, “W-who then!?!” Melinda didn’t even bother replying to Kiki’s mewling, instead, she just stepped out of the way while allowing big Paula Foxx to take her place between the now frightened girl’s legs. 

Kiki groaned loudly when Paula stepped up to the table as a mixture of pure terror and lust swept through her like a tidal wave! 

“Have you ever been fucked by a woman?!?” Paula asked evenly. 

“N-no,” Kiki stammered, never!” “That’s good,” the giant mistress sighed, “because I’m certainly going to enjoy this!!!” Paula reached out and jerked the frightened girl to the very edge of the table, allowing easy access to her now dripping-wet vagina! 

“Just look at her, girls!!!” Paula crowed. 

“She’s dripping like a fucking faucet!!!” The old woman then roughly jammed two fingers into Kiki’s unsuspecting pussy, causing the cute little body to convulse uncontrollably for a second or two! 

The huge naked mistress then reached down between her legs and lifted up a ten-inch long black dick that was at least two inches thick! 

“How’s this look to you, honey?!?” Paula laughed. 

“It’s going to fucking tear you apart!!!” The other pets, while turned on by the situation still had pangs of empathy for the poor little Asian as every one of them had at one time or another been brutally assaulted by Big Paula and her monster strap-on dildo! 

“Hold her down,” Paul ordered while running the massive head up and down the little pet’s dripping slit. 

“I don’t want her to try and run on me!!!” Now Kiki was beginning to think that this might not have been such a good plan after all!!! 

She had expected to get fucked, but by her mistress, not this evil woman they called Paula! 

She wanted desperately to leap off the table and run for her life, but four strong hands grabbed her by the shoulders and arms, effectively locking her in place! 

She began to shiver as her mind raced while thinking about what was going to happen to her! 

Paula grinned an evil grin to the other mistresses, and then without even a hint of a warning, threw her hips forward, driving the thick piece of latex balls deep into the tiny little vagina!!!” It was a good thing that they were holding her down because Kiki’s first instinct was to bolt upright at the first attack! 

And that is exactly what it was, an attack!!! 

Vicious and brutal in every way!!! 

Kiki tried to scream but the pain was so intense nothing would come out of her gaping mouth! 

“I-I’m going to fuck you to death, you little slut!!!” Big Paul groaned while powering in and out of the tiny slit with brutal efficiency. 

With Paula’s massive breasts bouncing wildly with each plunge the other mistresses had by now guided their pets back to their own steaming vaginas for another session of oral devotion! 

Melinda took a place alongside her poor little pet and after caressing her cheek offered a nipple to help calm her down! 

Kiki wasn’t quite sure when, but at some point during Big Paula’s assault, the pain slowly began turning to pleasure! 

With each passing stroke, Kiki began savoring the sensation of having a massive object plowing in and out of her tiny pussy, and while she wasn’t touching it, she sensed that her clit was engorged too many times its normal size!!! 

Now with Melinda’s nipple in her hungry mouth and the massive dildo pounding in and out of her like a hammer, she groaned deeply while her pussy whipsawed back and forth as a thundering climax shredded her little cunt into a million pieces of confetti!!! 

As the little Asian’s cunt lurched forward in orgasmic fervor the other mistresses, with eyes the size of saucers joined the little tramp in stunning cums of their own, courtesy of the warm wet mouths of their little pets!!! 

Even Big Paula had to admit that Kiki had taken it and given it back in spades! 

Now with the sound of the mistresses trying to catch their own breaths, Melinda cradled her little pet in her arms and whispered, “Welcome to the club!!!” A wiped out Kiki could only purr as she sucked the big nipple to sleep!!! 


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