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The Moving Day

I recently moved to a new apartment in the center of the city. A beautiful place overlooking the valley that I loved. I packed all my belongings, keeping all my things in boxes that ended up being more than 20 between clothes and shoes. Since I live alone, I asked my best friend to help me move all my things out.

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I recently moved to a new apartment in the center of the city. A beautiful place overlooking the valley that I loved. I packed all my belongings, keeping all my things in boxes that ended up being more than 20 between clothes and shoes. Since I live alone, I asked my best friend to help me move all my things out.

The moving day came and my best friend Michael arrived early, ready and dressed to start with the task of helping me move. I was very surprised to see him that way, I had always seen him with a suit and tie in formal clothes for his job as a stockbroker. But never before with a tight t-shirt that was quite revealing and allowed to see that well-sculpted torso, his big and hard biceps, and his amazingly tanned skin that showed through his shirt. 

He was also wearing worn jeans that perfectly suited his physique as if they already came with the shape of his body. Showing a muscular build, surely a product of long hours in the gym, which made it very difficult to keep my hands to myself and not try to fondle him a little bit to see how hard he truly was as he looked. He had a day or two of stubble, which gave him a wild, domineering look quite unlike the sober, sharp look of the suit. I was wearing little jean shorts that showed off my long legs and a plain white t-shirt, and I had my hair pulled back in a ponytail.

Nothing complicated but fresh for those summer days. had I known that he would be so provocative at seeing a different side of him, I could have prepared better... Soon the boxes began to be lowered, one after another, and I couldn't help but look at those muscles in his arms, accentuated by the effort and one or another drop of sweat coming down his forehead. Slowly followed by another drop down his face, going down his cheeks until reaching the edge of his jaw. When he did an interesting maneuver picking up a large box, his neck tightened and his pectorals became hard through his shirt, it turned me on and secretly my pussy started to lubricate. 

Around noon we arrived at the new apartment, where the torture of raising and lowering boxes began again a couple of hours later, all the boxes were stacked one on top of the other in the dining room and on the new red carpet that gave a sensational finish to the new space. The strong sun of the coast had not ceased in its intensity and although the worst of the work had already passed, the heat was still doing its thing, so I suggested a couple of cold beers to quench that thirst and the temperature of my body, although I was not sure a beer could help with that.

I told Michael I'd be back soon, and I went out to the supermarket for something to eat and drink. Meanwhile, he gently unpacked my things, and he was organizing them in each room, it didn't take long for him to reach the box with my "personal items", which are more than you could imagine, a girl living alone sometimes needs a little help down there. The first thing he saw in the box was my panties, which was the last thing I had packed, there were small ones, lace, of all colors, and even those that I reserved for dates, with a hole in the space of my vulva to easy entry. It was irresistible for him to continue observing the contents of that box that let him see another of his friends, her sexual aspect that he had not known until then and that perhaps out of fear he had not tried to explore.

Little by little I was visualizing myself with those clothes, imagining how my soft and rounded breasts entered the corsets. More than once I had noticed him concentrating on watching my neckline, where the beginning of my breasts emerged, but he never made any comment that would make me think he was interested in me, on the contrary, he was slightly tense.

He continued exploring the magic box and the next thing that emerged from the sexual arsenal was my dildo, an average-sized dildo that comforted my nights of loneliness and anxiety, and finally a small artifact that powerfully caught his attention due to its color. It was a strange-looking little pink bulb that I had never seen before. I decided not to wait and, on the way, back I opened one of the beers, trying to get out of my head the image of that man who now appeared to me as a stranger before me.

A stranger who without trying was making my femininity throb in search of satisfying my instincts, was it inevitable to imagine what size his penis would be? Would he be one of those complacent or selfish lovers? How could I get close to him? When I opened the door, the image I found was very close to what I had been thinking, he had my lightbulb in his hands, and inside his jeans, his penis was absolutely erect, a large and erect penis like the one I had been imagining all along. way, then a slight moan of excitement escaped me, I didn't want to wait any longer, I wanted him to take me between his body and penetrate me again and again. 
When I looked at his face, red with embarrassment, try to take a natural attitude, -that's my enlarger- I told him. He was still stupefied by the surprise that had caused him when he unconsciously asked me -your enlarger?-, -yes- I answered, -my enlarger, have you never seen one for women?-, clearing his throat he replied: -no, never -, then I knew that this was my moment, that if I let this opportunity pass I would regret it for weeks, so I told him: - do you want to see? -, and without hesitation for a moment he nodded his head, slowly I began to take off my little short’s followed by a small white string, which left a small line of hair that indicated the path of my intimacy, pink lips that gave way to a vulva that, all wet, asked for the consolation of being penetrated.

I lay down on the red carpet and spread my legs wide, I placed the enlarger around my vulva and started to suck, soon my lips began to swell, and their color became more intense from the pressure, again more and more suction they did to me feel a mix of exciting pain that wet my vagina. I was trying to contain the excitement in me, but it was already too evident, a small moan of pleasure escaped me indicating that this was only the beginning of an unforgettable session of erotic sensations that would take me to the edge of madness.

His static face could not escape from what he was witnessing in front of him, his eyes did not leave my lips swollen by suction, his penis already hurt from the pressure exerted inside his tight pants, then, in an almost imperceptible maneuver I let it out, he opened his pants and let out his amazing member, I had never seen anything like it, it was big and deliriously thick, exactly what my body asked for. I immediately removed the enlarger from my vulva and his expression of astonishment was the clearest sign of desire.

-You see- I told him, -that's what the enlarger does- He leaned towards me to look closely, so closely that his lips brushed mine, a deep sigh came out, I gave my throat, and his tongue tasted the burning of my swollen and sensitive lips, my vulva, the humidity of his mouth melted with the humidity of my arousal, I taste every inch of my vagina, the swing of his tongue on my clitoris transported me to a world of pleasure from which I did not want to escape, his big soft hands covered my breasts with fleeting pinches on my erect nipples, my vulva contracted again and again.

His tongue fiercely licked my lips, more sensitive than ever due to swelling, everything revolved around pleasure, and the air was running out around me, I couldn't resist much longer, and neither could he, his erect and lubricated penis too. needed me. - I wish you now! -Without hesitation, he penetrated me slowly, my eyes opened like stars, although I was excited I did not expect the magnitude of his member inside me, my body agilely adapted to his well-endowed penis that came and went faster and faster, harder, wilder. His testicles hit my still-swollen lips, his penis left no room for anything else, and in an explosion of pleasure, we reached the top of what was, for both of us, the most sensual of our sexual experiences. From that moment until now, every time I'm with him, I show my suction bulb… you never know.

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